Friday, 30 November 2007

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Issue 25 Update!

Issue 25 is complete and will be published/posted in the next week so most people should get it in the post by the start of December. What can you look forward to in the issue?

Part 3 of "One Flew Over the Hen's Nest" - A look at TARDIS Tales from 1991 to 1997
Interview with Kelly Buchanan about Faction Paradox and other things
The Fifth and Final part of Peter Adamson's "Cydonia" comic
A cartoon from new contributor John Moffat
and more!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Flashback - An Inky Nightmare (RTP! #8)

Primary images that remain of issue 8?

The first is Garry Jackson, Matt Kamstra, and myself sitting on the floor at a Christchurch Chapter meeting, frantically stapling together copies of the issue so that those attending could leave with one. It had arrived part way through the occasion and we quickly discovered a problem with the printing - namely that the ink hadn't worked correctly for the cover and tended to come off on one's hands while you were reading. Which left readers with ink stained hands. The quality of the printing on the other pages wasn't particularly good either.

A second memory is that of writing the Editorial at Matt's place and using a book from Matt's bookshelf about various unusual words, which resulted in the Editorial being my usual nonsense. My back cover art meanwhile was a tribute to Nightmare Of Eden which I don't consider as bad as some people feel it is. I actually like the design of the Mandrels, even if they were not perhaps filmed or lit in a flattering manner.

Finally, issue 8 featured the return of Pulp Who, this time from the pen of Peter Adamson. This idea of a continuation had been discussed as early as issue 5 and the conclusion of my own contribution. So I wasn't surprised by it's appearance, but was more than a little flattered that Peter thought my idea was worth inflicting the task of drawing four new installments on himself.