Saturday, 19 September 2009

RTP! - The Little Fanzine that Could

Coming up in the next issue of Reverse the Polarity!

#28 is a comic strip special as we look between the panels at the Doctor's illustrated adventures...

In this issue:
  • There's part two of The Tower of Angum by Alex Ballingall and Garry Jackson
  • Peter Adamson catches up with ex-Time/Space Visualiser comics artist Paul Potiki and talks cartoons, comic strips, animation and motion pictures.
  • We visit Weirdsville, UK - the fictional village of Stockbridge, mapping its layout and profiling the inhabitants of the comic strip Doctor's favourite home from home.
  • We talk to DWM comics writer Dan McDaid about the town of Stockbridge.
  • Subsidence is Golden! Erato tells another lost tale of Pex and Krang as the Tractators invade Paradise Towers.
  • RTP! talks to comics historian and NZ fan Paul Scoones about the early days of the Doctor in comics
  • Jamas Enright asks: Who'd have Sonic? and ponders unsung rivers...
  • David Ronayne pens part of a new work of fiction, Weapon of Choice
  • All this plus our regular Letters page, Fanboy Confidential, and an Editorial all nestled in an exclusive full-colour cover.
Reverse the Polarity! #28 - out now