Monday, 7 January 2008

Fanzines Reviewing Fanzines - RTP! #25

Zeus Plug has taken the time to review the most recent issue. Read Alistair Hughes thoughts here.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

RTP! #26 Status Report

Once more unto the update ...

Issue 26 is coming along nicely. My main request for material at the moment takes two forms: letters and smaller/shorter bits to fit between bigger items.

Meanwhile, people can look forward to the following in the issue:
  • "The Tower of Angum" Part One - A new comic strip, illustrated by Garry Jackson
  • "Pex" - A new Pex cartoon from Erato
  • Fanboy Confidential: Early Days - Peter Adamson brings us a new installment of the irregular series investigating fandom in all its strange wonder.
  • "Cyberman the Kroton" - The new cartoon from Erato
  • Series 3/Sarah Jane Adeventures/Christmas '07 Special/Time Crash/TSV reviews
  • "The Karkus" - A new Karkus cartoon from Erato
  • Cryptic Crossword
  • 30 Second Query
  • "The 3rd Warlord from the Left" - The new cartoon from Alex Ballingall
  • Morgan and the Land of Fiction - An interview with NZ fan Morgan Davie