Friday, 29 August 2008

The Third Logo

The third logo for the fanzine was the first one to be devised by the husband and wife team of Peter and Bridget Adamson. Like the original logo, the second logo had been plagued by publishing issues and never really appeared at it’s best, thus a far simpler logo design was needed. I have a feeling that this logo change was precipitated by Peter who was perhaps itching to have a go. As Peter explained in his article about the fanzine’s fourth logo in issue 14, the third logo was based on the old Ready to Roll television series (the NZ equivalent of Top of the Pops, but without the live performances) logo.

The logo lasted only four issues (9~12) before giving way to the current logo, but as this run spanned the infamous ‘hiatus’ it was actually around for three years (2000~2002).

Friday, 1 August 2008

Wade at Work

Wade Campbell hard at work on Issue 3 (the second-to-last issue with him credited as an Editor).