Sunday, 27 May 2007

Ten Years

RTP! turns ten years old this year in October. By far the shortest of the issues published to date (clocking in at only 32 pages), issue 1 in many ways set the template for the future. It featured strange reviews, odd pieces of art from "Saucer" creator Graham Muir (including the cover, which features a Christchurch Tram to help sell the idea that RTP! was being produced in Christchurch), and fiction. It also had a logo that was pretty hard to read and an attempt at Magic Eye that I've still not managed to get to work! Still, there must have been something to the issue as it didn't follow 99% of other fanzines and die after one issue. Issue 2 would surface only two months later. But to help celebrate ten years, here is the Editorial:
Christchurch fandom has risen from the ashes like a phoenix, and we must say it has been a good feeling to be part of the revival. The seed has been planted, and a sound future is in sight for the rest of 1997 and beyond. The strength of fandom is such that we decided to write this small zine.
After the demise of Telos, we decided that there was still the need for a second regular Doctor Who zine, so we came up with Reverse the Polarity!. Tabloid Who as its best perhaps? Totally outrageous, sometimes insulting and mostly in jest, this zine will change with the ever changing needs of the readership, to ensure that you're all happy you mingy sods! ;-) So reader correspondence is important.
This zine is the brainchild of the Christchurch Chapter, only a year old, but now well established in Canterbury. But that doesn't mean an exclusion of Aucklanders or any of you other regional fanboys or fangirls as the case may be.
Now is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience that is Reverse the Polarity!. All we ask is some reader direction, response, and a cold tinny of Canterbury Draught!

- Matt Kamstra & Wade Campbell
And finally, the basic guff:

Published: October 1997
The Fanzine of the Christchurch Chapter of the NZDWFC
Editor: Wade Campbell, Matt Kamstra
RTP! Logo Design: Jamie Campbell
Front Cover: Graham Muir
Back Cover: Garry Jackson
Internal Artwork: Wade Campbell, Garry Jackson, Matt Kamstra, Graham Muir
Page Count: 32
Print Run: 45
Price: NZ$2

~ Contents ~
  • [01] COVER
  • [02] CONTENTS
  • [03] EDITORIAL
  • [04] UPDATE
  • [05] 76 Totter's Lane
  • [05] WHO?! on the Internet
  • [06] /full page advert/
  • [07] ARTICLE: Kaled Nazism
  • [10] OPINION: Wade's Womble Talk
  • [11] Doctor Who Bullsh*t: Hartnell Speaks Out
  • [13] REVIEW [Review of Genesis Of The Daleks]
  • [14] OPINION: Genesis Spawned a Monster
  • [15] Magic Eye Dr Who!
  • [16] REVIEWS: The Scope [Reviews of Telos, TSV and NAs]
  • [19] REVIEWS: Cracked Through the Covers [Reviews of NA and MA cover artwork]
  • [20] Doctor Who on The Lenny Henry Show [Transcript]
  • [22] Watch Out!
  • [23] FICTION: Fetch
  • [24] REVIEW: An Anniversary Remastered [Review of The Five Doctors Special Edition]
  • [26] The Beginning of an Addiction
  • [27] FICTION: At Dusk
  • [28] /full page advert/
  • [29] Fan Who - Past and Present: Wade Campbell
  • [30] OPINION: Julian Vance Says ...
  • [31] REVIEW: Muzza's Chocolate Fish Report [Review of The Sontaran Experiment]
  • [32] COVER

1 comment:

Peter said...

Ah, Issue One. Now out of print, right? :)

I remember it pretty well. Telos had just finished and I hadn't thought about subscribing, although I was vaguely curious. I think there may have been some tension between Jono and Wade that made me think twice about it, but Andrew Cook (a friend in Dunedin) gave me copies of issues 1 and 2 he had, I saw Pulp Who and subscribed on the strength of that.

Anyway, issue 1's an interesting read, thoug it struck me that it would have been a lot more interesting if you were a member of the Christchurch Chapter at the time. Lots of in-jokes which, if memory serves, were a point of contention in the TSV review. BUt otherwise it's not a bad first issue - no letters of course, but a few opinion columns plus articles (Matt's 'Kaled Nazism' being an early highlight). Mr Graham Muir casts a long shadow over this as it looks like some of his favourite stories get the once-over - Genesis and 'Revenge of the Cybermen'. Nice cover by him as well - very Chch with its tram! Garry Jackson's artwork was never better. And there's even some fan fiction!

For being something that stepped in after Telos folded RTP was a decent enough replacement, especially considering that it didn't immediately share all of Telos' alumni - and maybe that was to its benefit. Good start!