Sunday, 12 August 2007

Fanzines Reviewing Fanzines - TSV #52

Another review of TSV from the pages of RTP!:
I like it. TSV #52 is a vast improvement on past issues which I might have been a bit derogatory towards. Paul's editorial is very similar to one of our own articles, some some interesting comparisons can be drawn between the two. The Gary Gillatt interview revealed some interesting facts about the nature of the DWM editor and his 'story' contrasts with Gary Russell's from the previous issue nicely. How young is he again?

All 132 changes to The Five Doctors are listed! And at alst the comic strip has a plot, although some of the ideas are a tad unoriginal—eg. 'and much, much more'. "Galaxy Who" was kind of pointless, but so is our fanzine, so we can't talk! "Doctor's Dilemma" returns with the new "Rantings from the Padded Cell" and Bob Beechey couldn't convince me that "Patrick Troughton is the Doctor". Sorry ...

- Wade Campbell


Paul Scoones said...

But what makes TSV 52 a 'vast improvement' on past issues? I consider almost every issue I edited to be a step up on its predecessors, but I just can't see this big jump in quality for TSV 52, and I'm none the wiser after reading that review.

TheEditor said...

Paul, you're really expecting an old RTP! review to actually explain itself? I can't think of one TSV review in RTP! from its early years that really got any good, nitty gritty explaining done. Matt and Wade would make broad statements like that all the time (just look at the rest of each issue - such statements litter the pages everywhere!).