Monday, 10 September 2007

Flashback - A Blur of Orange (RTP! #7)

Videos, Videos, Videos

By issue 7 Matt Kamstra's contact with Village Roadshow (distributors of the BBC Video releases in Australia/NZ from 1996 onwards) had developed to the point where we were receiving free copies of the current releases to review. This had begun with The Happiness Patrol (reviewed in issue 5), blooming to four video reviews this issue. Although it must be pointed out here that the review of The Ice Warriors release was based on my copy of the UK release. Rather amusingly I think Timelash came out better in my reviews than Horror of Fang Rock did.

I remember being quite pleased at how issue 7 turned out, feeling that the fanzine was really beginning to hit it's stride. The issue also featured our first, and to date only, survey of our readership. I'm of the mind to believe that if we had another survey today it would garner much the same result. I also recall Matt and I wasting much time coming up with silly things to take photos of which would accompany Jeff Stone's "A Day in the Life of RTP!" article ...

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