Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Coming Soon!

Once the final part of the TARDIS Tales article appears in RTP! (coming in issue 27 some time in 2008), we will be publishing a new compilation of all of Graham Muir's cartoons from TSV, Telos, Telos Unearthed, RTP! and other odds and ends. Which should be good since the last compilation was done back in May 1993, meaning that it will be the fifteenth anniversary of that compilation this year! This new compilation will hopefully be presented in the A4 format and feature not only every published comic of Graham's and the full TARDIS Tales articles, but possibly some new material as well. We'll see ...

Meanwhile, the above art is Graham's cover for issue 1 (October 1997).

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the other dave said...

Speaking of covers - shouldn't the issue 26 cover have a 26 on it, not 36?