Sunday, 4 May 2008

RTP! #27 Status Report

Work on issue 27 of RTP! is already underway with the following being prepped for inclusion in the issue (due around June '08 hopefully):

  • "The Tower of Angum" Part Two - The second part of the Tenth Doctor/Rose comic strip illustrated by Garry Jackson
  • "The Life and Times of the 3rd Warlord on the Left" - The comic adventures of Frank the Warlord continue in Part Two
  • 30 Second Theory - Looks at Mr Bannakaffalatta from Voyage Of The Damned
  • "Cyberman the Kroton" - More comic mayhem from the pen of Erato
  • "One Flew Over the Hen's Nest" Part Four - The fourth and final part of Alexander Ballingall's investigation into the history of Graham Muir's comic creations
  • The answers to last issues cryptic crossword
  • An interview with someone
  • And more!

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