Thursday, 7 July 2011

Flashback - The Last of the Golden Summer (RTP! #10)

My primary memory of working on issue #10 is sitting out on the large concrete deck of the flat Matt shared with three of his friends. Ensconced in a crummy deck chair I experimented with laying out the first page of the Aquaman comic and ended up in a chat with Shinobu, the Japanese girlfriend of one of Matt's flatmates. I'm happy to blame the poorly drawn attempt at a manga-style character (on the first page of the comic) on her, but that wouldn't be fair. I'd already started drawing it that way before she turned up and offered her polite comments on my lack of drawing ability.

This would have been late February 2000, as Matt started his third year at University, and I already knew I was headed to the UK in May. I had been at the flat that weekend trying to get the issue done and dusted for publication, something achieved as the issue was published the following month.

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