Tuesday, 9 October 2007

10 Years

Yes, ten years ago this month the very first issue of RTP! was published by Matt Kamstra and Wade Campbell.

The fanzine was born in the aftermath of the 1996 TV movie and has managed to survive to reach today. Much has changed in those ten years, with the series returning to television (along with requisite spin-offs), the rise and fall of the EDAs and PDAs, the rise and plateau of the Big Finish audio adventures, and the rejuvenation of both DWM and the comic strip it contains. We've gained two new Doctors in that time and TSV has changed editor once. In 1997 the series was still confined to video tape releases and the idea of individual documentaries on stories a pipe dream.

Despite all those changes the fanzine has bumbled along at a rough average of two issues a year and a readership of about twenty. How long will the fanzine continue for? No idea ...

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Paul Scoones said...

Happy birthday, RTP! :)