Monday, 22 October 2007

Fanzines Reviewing Fanzines - TSV #53

Another review of TSV from the pages of RTP!:
TSV #53
Two issues for the price of well, two really, but it was good to get a double dosing at once. [TSV #54 was published at the same time as #53.] A great review for Reverse the Polarity! issue 2, considering we disliked it as much as issue 1! I can't wait for the reviews of #3 and #4. Moving on though, comprehensive coverage of Who classic The Leisure Hive went down well, but, although interesting, the long winded "A Question of Answers" didn't bode so well for me. Congratulations to Alden Bates and Peter Adamson for "Dominion" and the best characterization of Mel Bush ever! No evil fanboy fantasies here. 'That crazy twin from New Zealand', Edwin Patterson, provides a really interesting account of 'Panopticon '97' which really makes me want to go to a British con. I shall have to settle for 'Conquest 2' however. Even if Tom Baker seems to be the ONLY interesting guest of note, it should be worth going to.

- Matt Kamstra

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Alden said...

I'm looking forward to putting Dominion up in the archive so I can show it off to all my overseas friends. Thanks for the kudos, RTP! :)