Monday, 11 June 2007

Fanzines Reviewing Fanzines - RTP! #2

The second, of to date four, reviews of RTP! in TSV was reserved for issue 2. Published in issue 53, Paul Scoones wrote the following review:

A stunning improvement has taken place between issues one and two of the NZDWFC Christchurch Chapter's newly established fanzine. The two areas of criticism in TSV 52's review of issue one—that there were many typos and that the writing was very in-jokey—have both been addressed and the result is which is many times better than the debut issue. There's a thought-provoking response to TSV 52's editorial and the beginnings of a lively letters page. TSV readers pining away for the departed TARDIS Tales should definitely check out Graham Muir's spin-off strip Birdy, which in this issue features a wickedly funny take-off of Revenge Of The Cybermen. There's also the first part of an on-going comic strip by Alexander Ballingall which is an unlikely fusion of Doctor Who and Pulp Fiction. This sort of thing could easily be done very badly but Ballingall's clear uncluttered style and very good drawings are the strip's saving graces. It cribs mercilessly from Tarantino's script (complete with the frequent use of the 'F-word') however—I'd love to see the artist tackle an original Doctor Who story. If RTP! keeps getting better TSV will soon have some serious competition!

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