Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Birdy—The Fattest Bird in the Universe!

Bugger All to do with Doctor Who!

TARDIS Tales had come to an end in April 1997 and Graham Muir prior to that had slightly branched out by contributing a couple of pieces based around Saucer Smith to the defunct Telos fanzine. But still had stories to tell (and the editors had ganged up on him at a Christchurch Chapter meeting!).

The result was Birdy—The Fattest Bird in the Universe which was based around the adventures of Saucer's nephew Birdy, a very fat canary from Canario. Graham's biting wit from his earlier cartoon is very much in evidence and the first four stories set about taking the mickey out of adventures from the series.

After a long break (some of it caused by the hiatus) the cartoon made two more appearances, this time featuring the return of Saucer (the strip being retitled Saucer + Birdy).

And the adventures were:
  • #2: in 'Revenge of a Handful of Cybermen!'
  • #3: in 'Birdy's Inferno!'
  • #4: in 'A Touch of Enlightenment!'
  • #7: in 'A Slightly Green Death'
  • #11: meet the DJ from Hell!
  • #12: in 'The Power of a Dalek or Two'


Saucer said...

Hey, wasn't there another totally non-'Who' strip concerning a crazed Brazilian trance DJ which was published before 'Power Of A Dalek...'? (hence the reference to Birdy & Saucer being exterminated in the previous story)

TheEditor said...

'Tis corrected now Saucer. I knew there was one I was missing!