Thursday, 28 June 2007

Hmmm, that's Interesting!

Peter Adamson made his first contribution to the fanzine in 1998 with this little illustration. Matt Kamstra and Wade Campbell weren't too sure what to make of it, or do with it for that matter, and thus it got a page of it's own rather than accompanying a written article. The Editors asked for suggestions from readers as to what is going on in the picture and I'm not sure if they ever got any responses. If they did, I don't recall them being shared with myself. Still, perhaps now that is on the blogsphere where a greater number of people can see and appreciate it, someone might put forward a guess. Make of it what you will!


Alden said...

It's obviously a Cyberman circus, and one Cybermat is riding on the other Cybermat's back. :)

Peter said...

Yeah of course that's what it is! You think a whole crowd of Cybermen would bring in a ring, mood lighting and snacks just to watch two 'mats do the wild thang? Sheesh! You guys need to get your heads out of the gutter!