Wednesday, 20 June 2007

If - Series One

'If', if Tegan would have you believe, is a powerful word. Humans are forever pondering the factor of 'if', whether it be in weighing up future choices or in contemplating past decisions. With issue 4 Peter Adamson began a series of short articles that looked back at proposed Doctor Who stories that never made it in front of the camera. But, in the tradition of 'if' he also took a moment to ponder the impact that each would have had on the larger scheme of the series had they been made. How would Jamie's departure have been changed? Would Gallifrey have been very different? Would the TARDIS be even more alien? These questions, and more, were canvassed in 'If'.
  • #4: The Herdsmen Of Venus
  • #5: The Laird Of McCrimmon
  • #6: The Brain Dead
  • #7: The Killer Cats Of Gen-Singh
  • #8: The Enemy Within
  • #9: Space Sargasso
  • #10: The Clockwise Cuckoos

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