Monday, 4 June 2007

Fanzines Reviewing Fanzines - RTP! #1

RTP! hasn't been blessed with many reviews, mainly because of the tiny readership and the tiny number of printed fanzines that exist these days to even review it in the first place. But it has managed to garner a handful of reviews, one of which was for the very first issue. Published in TSV #52 was the following review:

The Christchurch Chapter of the NZDWFC, under the guiding influence of Matt Kamstra and Wade Campbell, has launched its own quarterly publication to replace Telos as New Zealand's only South Island Doctor Who fanzine. Like TSV, this 32 page fanzine is A5 with a colour card cover. The artwork is by TSV regulars Garry Jackson and Graham Muir, and the content is the usual mix of reviews and short articles, for the most part written Matt and Wade. The computer printed pages are nicely laid out, although it would have benefited from proof-reading to catch some of the typos. The informal humour, aimed at members of the Christchurch Chapter which is prevalent throughout most of the issue might leave readers outside that social group feeling a little left out.

- Paul Scoones
Looking back ten years later I have to admit that Paul was extremely easy going on the first issue. 'typos'? The issue didn't even remember to number the pages and he was worried about typos! 'informal humour?' Well, the majority of the issue was written by two seventeen-year-old fans, one of whom (Matt) has repeatedly described himself as akin to fan-lite due to his lack of in-depth knowledge of the series, who relied on what they did know well—the Christchurch Chapter. But, Paul's comment does aim true nethertheless and was taken heed of for the second issue.

At this point all that can be said is a big thank you to Paul for taking the time to even review the fledgling fanzine and for all the support and guidance that he has lent it these past ten years.

So, thank you, Paul Scoones. Take a bow!

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