Friday, 1 June 2007

RTP! #25 Status Report

Welcome to the first of the new blog updates on the status of the fanzine!

The plan is to have issue 25 published no later than October in order to help celebrate the tenth anniversary of the fanzine.

So far the promised (as opposed to delivered and ready to go) contents of #25 are:

• One Flew Over the Hen's Nest — Part Three! Going to the Pub!
A look back at the TARDIS Tales comic during its run in TSV issues 35~50, the highs and lows of that time and why Graham Muir brought the comic to a seemingly final end ...

• Cydonia — Book V: The Book of the Dead
The final installment of Peter Adamson's epic Ice Warrior comic as the truths Haaga has carried as a burden reach the light ...

• Zeus Plugged — (Hard Wired)
David Ronayne interviews Jonathan Park and Peter Adamson about the latest venture in the New Zealand fandom scene, the fanzine Zeus Plug and its latest online incarnation ...

• Cyberman the Kroton
From the team that brought you Spliff & Nutmeg and Ergon comes a brand new comic hero ...

• Fallen Angel
A new work of serialised fiction featuring a post-Runaway Bride Doctor making a short stop in Victorian London to pick up some pies ...

Meanwhile, looking ahead to the next issue I am currently looking for a new interview. If you think you can help, get in touch!

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