Sunday, 10 June 2007

Third Times a Charm

Gosh! 1998 (an anniversary year for the series no less) and we're up to issue 3 already. Garry Jackson gets his first cover for the fanzine, as well as a comic in the form of Lest We Forget, and despite suggestions in the previous issue that I would be a stand-in-editor, that never eventuated. Still, the issue is graced with Peter Adamson's first contribution in the form of an 'interesting' drawing of some cybermats.

And the editorial:
At last, Wade Campbell's first input into an editorial. Much of this is my own doing and, while Matt has been in Japan, I've managed to get some FAB new writers on side with RTP!'s bulging ego. Therefore I would like to make a warm offering of affection to Jeff Stone and David Ronayne. Being an editor is a hell of a job, you have to live and breathe Doctor Who for at least half a week, but I thrive on it to better the last issue, each issue. It is a feeling that has to be felt to be believed, as is seeing each issue come hot off the printing press. This reminds me, make all cheques payable to Wade Campbell, not Reverse the Polarity!, and you can send them off to our fancy new PO Box number, or contact us at our rather naff e-mail address (please don't send attachments to it). Other than that we are in excellent spirits over future issues and whatever luck brings us throughout the new year.
You would have probably noticed the huge leap in improvement from our two previous issues and most of the fillers are gone. It was always our intention to scrap these once we got hold of better quality stuff, and the burden of this issue has been spread around rather nicely from person to person. Which means more variety and more glitz (and glamour!) from the team here at RTP!. We dispute TSV for a change, Garry and Graham are past contributors (now where's my chequebook), not regulars. Oh, and by the way, to quote from Telos #15, "Playing the game is like asking Katy Manning to act - impossible." Well Jonathan, if you play the CCG by yourself that's generally the thing that happens. Now where the hell did I put all my issues of Telos anyway? I'll try the wardrobe next. Must dash, have personal business from England to attend to ...
- Wade Campbell
Geez you talk a lot of crap sometimes Wade. I still am an editor you know!
- Matt Kamstra
Once More Unto the Guff, Dear Friends, Once More!:

Published: March 1998
The Fanzine of the Christchurch Chapter of the NZDWFC
Editor: Wade Campbell, Matt Kamstra
RTP! Logo Design: Jamie Campbell
Front Cover: Garry Jackson
Back Cover: Garry Jackson
Internal Artwork: Alexander Ballingall, Garry Jackson
Letters: Garry Jackson, Jeff Stone, Julian Vance [AKA Wade Campbell]
Page Count: 44
Print Run: 30
Price: NZ$2.50

~ Contents ~
  • [01] COVER
  • [02] CONTENTS
  • [03] EDITORIAL
  • [04] UPDATE
  • [05] WHO?! on the Internet
  • [06] /full page advert/
  • [07] The BOOTCUPBOARD [Letters]
  • [08] OPINION: Random Rantings
  • [09] FICTION: Chandrasekhar
  • [10] CARTOON: Birdy - In 'Birdy's Inferno!'
  • [12] REVIEW [Review of The Leisure Hive]
  • [14] Doctor Who Bullsh*t: New Telemovie Confirmed!
  • [15] OPINION: Yes, We Agree Wade
  • [16] OPINION: The Eighth Doctor's New Home
  • [18] Feverish
  • [20] REVIEWS: The Scope/Books from Yonks Ago ... [Reviews of EDAs, PDAs, and Virgin New Adventures]
  • [23] COMIC: Pulp Who - The Doris Situation [part 2 of 4]
  • [34] FICTION: Personal Demon
  • [36] Cross-over Chaos
  • [37] /full page cartoon/
  • [38] COMIC: Lest We Forget
  • [41] Fan Who - Past and Present: Garry Jackson
  • [42] OPINION: Julian Vance Says ...
  • [43] CARTOON: Cyber Guy
  • [44] COVER

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