Friday, 22 June 2007

Flashback - End of Part One (RTP! #3)

My memories of issue 3 (March 1998)?

Sitting in Wade Campbell's bedroom as he and Matt Kamstra slaved away on the computer putting the issue together while I worked to finish the last few pages of the second part of Pulp Who before I went home. This situation is what led to the contents page illustration of the Master, something that Wade had felt was needed to fill in the gap (a traditional continued through to issue 18).

Garry Jackson at this stage was still an unknown quantity for myself, despite contributions to the first two issues already, but would come to know him and call him a friend once he made the move from Queenstown to Christchurch. Of the new contributors to the fanzine, only Peter Adamson's name held any immediate reaction. And I've since met the amiable man in person. What a guy! David Ronayne, one of the fanzine's most consistent contributors also appears, but unlike Peter I've not yet had the pleasure of a face-to-face meeting. Jeff Stone was the third of the new writers, and would eventually take over the "Doctor Who Bullsh*t" column (a regular to issue 14), but I've never met him in person and am unlikely to after a falling out in 2003.

Still, this issue was the point where it began to start feeling like a fanzine and not something almost purely the effort of Matt and Wade. Little did I know how much impact I myself would have on the fanzine as 1998 progressed ...

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