Friday, 15 June 2007

Lest We Forget

With Cyber Guy and Birdy the tradition of a cartoon was set and since Pulp Who sits in a field of its own (with the other vegetables), it was down to Garry Jackson and his comic strip Lest We Forget to introduce the serious comic to the palette of RTP!.

The three-page comic was something of an experiment for Garry, having never tried anything like it before. His inexperience with the genre led him to draw the comic to size on A5 paper, which led to difficulties in keeping the speech-bubbles legible. Although the script for the comic is credited to 'The Watcher', this is actually just Garry himself doing the writing duties.

It is a legacy not to be forgotten, and one which Garry returns to with The Tower of Angum, a new comic strip illustrated by him that begins in issue 26 ...

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