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And so the last gasp before the 'hiatus' was upon us. Published in March 2000, a mere two months before I departed NZ for the shores of England (the spiritual home of Doctor Who), issue 10 was another riotous explosion of material, hastily assembled by trained monkeys wrapped in a choice of five different coloured covers (cream, yellow, green, blue, & red). At this stage I guess the cracks may have begun to show with Matt, much of the issue being put together by myself rather than evenly shared as in the past. But I was quietly confident that issue 11 would see print around June/July 2000. More fool me. And the editorials:
Yes, it's me again! I bet you weren't expecting such a quick follow up after the gap between issues 8 and 9! I've just now recovered from RTP!'s 'realizing that we stapled it up wrong' party, and I'm busily preparing for our 'it's only two weeks away till the next issue's finished' party. Considering that next week is also the 'celebrating the three week anniversary of the founding of our evil media empire' party as well, expect drunken reviews and slagging interviews this issue. Oh, and it's our tenth issue anniversary to ...
We've decided to let things go and slip back an issue in our schedule. Due mainly to my immense slackness, and the increasing workload I seem to have put upon my back (I know that final straw is coming!), things have got a bit behind here at Sauceron Towers. But hopefully, fingers crossed, we're back on track for four issues this year, finishing with issues eleven and twelve. We've also got our very first special coming up in the next few months before Joe departs for his small island. It's The TARDIS Tales Collection parts one and two. If there is enough demand, we might even start printing Pulp Who way off down the track!
So, it's been ten issue huh? I remember way back when Wade and I had the idea to attempt this adventure. I was born out of a general science fiction newsletter I wanted to do with some friends in Fourth Form, but we didn't actually get around to doing anything until '97 when Wade and I thought to revive it. It's been three years, sometimes very long ones, but three very long enjoyable ones. it's been fun to write and communicate with everyone, and meet a lot of new friends along the way. I suppose that's one of the best things about having done RTP! That and all the parties we have to celebrate pointless benchmarks in our publishing schedule. Which reminds me, tonight is the 'we may have had to kill Matt to do it, but we've actually finished the issue' party. But I can't talk too soon, we haven't go there yet. I better go and get some supplies. (Returns from fridge). It's OK, we seem to have 49 vessels* left over from last night's party! Anyone fancy a Speights?

- Matt Kamstra

* We would like to remind younger readers that the editors do not condone excessive drunkenness, nor use of illegal substances. We do however, have plenty to spare.

Jonathan Park, esq (I've just finished reading Tom Jones (no, not the singer ..., so sue me) wrote in Telos #15, dated April 1997:

'15 issues isn't that bad. Telos is the longest running non-NZDWFC fanzine in New Zealand and I doubt that record will be passed in the near future.'

Well it's almost three years later and this is that all important issue 10. Only five more to go and we will have caught up with Jonathan! This may seem like a pretty pathetic goal, but they help us (Matt & myself) have something to work towards. Like with issue 16 we will have passed Jonathan (unless you count Telos Unearthed, in which case we pass him with issue 17). See how it enables us to just keep on going?
Onto other matters. From this issue onwards we now have an RTP! design book so that hopefully all the pages in one issue will be formatted the same instead of Matt using one technique and myself another. This also includes another rearrangement of the cover layout (our fifth). This was the cover format issue 9 was supposed to use, but Matt decided to print issue 9 the week I was on holiday, so my instructions on the cover layout were lost in the wash somewhere along the line.*
Hopefully included with this issue is a copy of our newsletter Critical Mass, which is supposed to cover TV science fiction and fantasy as well as filling the gap left by SF On Screen. If however it totally sux arse—tell us and we'll use Chinese bamboo torture to put it out of its' misery!
Other things have come to my attention lately is the new two volume TARDIS Tales Collection. This is slowly coming together (I'm such a slacker!) and should, finger crossed, be ready for publication by the end of the year - if not sooner.
One final note.
Please, pretty please, give us some fu*kkin' feedback so that RTP! can continue to inform and entertain you like it has done for the past ten issues—under the duress of a loaded shotgun.

- Alexander Ballingall

* Along with the idea that the next meeting of the Christchurch chapter was supposed to occur after I got back from holiday, not on the same weekend I flew back into Christchurch! Where did I put my Enya CDs ...
The Madness of King Guff:

Published: March 2000
Volume 4 - Number 2
Editor: Matt Kamstra, Alexander Ballingall
RTP! Logo Design: Peter & Bridget Adamson
Front Cover: Alexander Ballingall
Back Cover: Garry Jackson
Internal Artwork: Peter Adamson, Alexander Ballingall, Brendon Bennetts, Garry Jackson, Matt Kamstra
Letters: Peter Adamson, Alden Bates, Jeff Stone
Page Count: 52
Print Run: 30
Price: NZ$3

~ Contents ~
  • [01] COVER
  • [02] CONTENTS
  • [03] EDITORIAL
  • [04] UPDATE
  • [05] The BOOTCUPBOARD [Letters]
  • [07] Doctor Who Bullsh*t: Story Shock Horror!
  • [09] REVIEWS: Unsung Classics of Doctor Who
  • [12] RTP! Retrospective
  • [15] CARTOON: Aquaman—In 'The Blue Peter Pilot Episode'
  • [18] Professor Splegg Strikes Back
  • [19] COMIC: Pulp Who—The Gold Star [part 3 of 4]
  • [27] REVIEWS: The Scope/James' Corner [Reviews of EDAs, PDAs, videos, and TSV]
  • [30] REVIEWS [Revelation of the Daleks and Planet of the Daleks]
  • [34] FICTION: The Red Menace [part 5 of 8]
  • [38] INTERVIEW: The Mars Bar [Peter Adamson]
  • [41] The Sexual Misadventures of Doctor Who - The early TARDIS crew
  • [42] OPINION: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Bloody Stupid Looking
  • [45] FICTION: Invitation
  • [46] FICTION: Wednesday
  • [47] /full page advert/
  • [48] CARTOON: Cyber Person
  • [50] ARTICLE: If - The Clockwise Cuckoos
  • [52] COVER

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