Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Flashback - Falling Through Space (RTP! #4)

What I remember most about working on issue 4 was a wet day in May 1998, Matt Kamstra and I sitting together in the old, upstairs Apple computer lab that was part of the IT support building, working on the issue. The room was almost entirely glass at one end wall and had a expansive view of part of the campus, one which wasn't entirely unnoticed and provided inspiration as I typed away on my reviews of the E-Space trilogy and my first editorial.

Issue 4 saw the introduction of a new logo for the fanzine, one based on a sketch by myself that I had shown Matt. The change had arisen out of how unreadable the original logo had been. This was in essence the first of the changes that I would bring to the fanzine as, one could argue, I began my silent takeover! Not that a takeover had ever been planned, the position of Assistant Editor sneaking up on me.

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