Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Flashback - The One with the Rubber Chicken on the Cover (RTP! #5)

Issue 5 (September 1998) is where I became Co-Editor with Matt Kamstra after Wade Campbell had left the fanzine. At the time I was in my second year at university (and Matt his first) and had undertaken to develop a website for the fanzine since I was able to intuit HTML quicker than Matt could (plus he wasn't as inclined to pick it up). Like issue 4, much of my memories of this issue are based around a computer lab on campus (although a different lab this time). There we were able to include the first scanned artwork for the fanzine (Garry's pic of the Seventh Doctor and Fifi), something that wouldn't happen again for quite some time.

It was I who introduced the 'Desdemona' font for the article titles in an attempt to provide a uniform style for the fanzine and had argued for Peter Adamson's Ergon illustration to grace the front cover (it just seemed to work so well with the logo we were using at the time).

The issue certainly felt to me then as a huge step up from the first four issues, Matt and myself feeling quietly confident in the growing readership.

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